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Luz y sombra

Feel your home like a second skin.

We build so that you can enjoy the natural light and the warmth of the materials.

Diseño para maximizar la luz natural, ventilación y confort termo-acústico. Construyo con materiales sostenibles y reciclados de fino acabado, para que vivas más saludable.



Architecture and Renovations with Meaning


01 vision

Architecture and Renovations with Meaning, talks about spaces that privilege natural light, ventilation and healthy materials for those who live there.

We design homes that interact with their exterior.

And interiors where lightness and few walls predominate.

The result is simple lines, comfort and spread of natural light. 

They are environments intimately linked to each unique way of being and living.

02 projects


03 us

A place is comfortable and we love it because it makes us feel calm, safe and enjoyable.

Nature inspires our design and that is why we incorporate details of wood, stone and organic textures.

 I am Marisol Saavedra Architect & Landscape Designer.

Associate for projects with Carmen Carrera Interior Designer


04 contact

Give a new meaning to your spaces so that you live in coherence with your feelings.

Gracias, en breve te respondemos

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